Lazonby Vintage Show 2005

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This was a small show which me and Chris had to attend, okay we were invited by the organisers, but why the MUST?? Let me explain...

This show was raising funds towards the upkeep of Lazonby Outdoor Swimming Pool. Our Mum lived nearby when younger and was involved in the initial fundraising for the Pool, part of the fundraising was a bonfire night party and that's where she met our Dad, and so without Lazonby pool we wouldn't be here!! Simple really!!

The show itself was quite small but well attended, with a selection of tractors, stationery engines, wagons, motorbikes and various trade and craft stalls with two car clubs, ourselves and cumbria classic car club. During the course of the day the local fire brigade gave demonstrations on how to control a chip pan fire, the pics on page 2 are reversed, the last one shows the pan on fire, the middle one what happens if you pour water on the fire (Nasty!) and the first shows placing a damp cloth over the pan. Well it's supposed to, what it actually shows is the 'not damp enough' cloth not smothering the flames and catching fire!!! Made me laugh that one!

Further entertainment was provided by the reversing challenge in the top field, it must have been hard, cos i didn't see many people attempting it, and there were plenty farmers about. The other thing was a tractor balance, at a guess very hard to do, see a video of it here (6mb). Highlight of the day (for the spectators ;) )was the grand parade round the ring by us and others with the commentator providing info on all our cars.

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