Distington Show 2005

As ever the Cumbria Classic Mini Club made its annual pilgrimmage on route 66 to the West Coast....Ok maybe not that glamourous but we all met up at our usual spot and convoyed en-masse to the showfield. Once pitched in our reguar spot polishing of cars commenced to the ever present fairground/steam engine/old tractor background music. To be honest there's nothing here to see we haven't seen many times before but its always a chance to kick back, enjoy a bit of craic and, most importantly of all, rip the piss out of each other!!!

A tour of the showfield held no surprises, vintage and classic cars shining in the sun, the smell of smoke and burgers, the absolute piles of 'crap' in the auction field, but no doubt someones 'pot of gold'!! and later on in the day the chavs stumbling round trying to hide from security and the cops while not spilling their ill gotten alcopops :)...always worth a laugh that!


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